V for victory game
Get the number 2048 by combining tiles with the same values.

A simple looking addition game that will be difficult for you to win. Your objective will be to keep a maximum of empty space to allow the tiles to continue to move. One of the great successes of recent years.



perplex puzzle
A multitude of images for this online puzzle.

The principle of the puzzle has been adapted in order to obtain good computer playability. The puzzle allows you to move the pieces by block, choose the number of pieces according to your level and select from over twenty different images and illustrations the theme that best suits you.



perplex puzzle
A gigantic hostile spacecraft attacks the earth.

The principle of this shoot'em'up is simple: shoot the enemy ship by pressing the left mouse button while avoiding the missiles by moving your device using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
The expression shoot'em'up can be translated as "take them all down". The precursor of this type of video game is the very popular Space Invaders released in 1978 in arcades. Its gameplay is simply to shoot relentlessly at a horde of aliens and avoid being overwhelmed by the scale of successive attacks. In a word, survive.



perplex puzzle
A futuristic racing game.

Pilot an ultra-fast antigravity machine on an air circuit with complex curves. The control of a vehicle that levitates a few centimeters above the ground is not obvious and will require a little perseverance and training.
Driving can be done using the arrow keys on the keyboard or a joystick.
HexGL is a clone of Wipeout, a title released on console in the 90s.



perplex puzzle
The legendary game released in 1980.

The game consists of moving Pac-Man through the maze of a labyrinth. Four ghosts, Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (blue) and Clyde (orange) chase Pacman while he tries to eat Pac Gom and fruit. Each ghost has their own strategy. They can become vulnerable (their eyes then express fear) for a short time if Pacman swallows a "Super Pac Gom" and can then be devoured.



perplex puzzle
An original graphics for a game requiring a steel mind.

You live the game from the point of view of a missile launched at high speed. A series of rotating obstacles appear successively before you. Avoiding them will require a lot of dexterity and persistence.



perplex puzzle
An aerial and colorful arcade game for an endless journey.

You fly a small plane by frantically clicking the left button of your mouse (or the space bar) to prevent it from poking to the ground and crashing.
The fuel level is indicated at the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to travel as far as possible by hitting a maximum of floating stars to obtain fuel. Crossing clouds or flying too high increases the consumption of your aircraft.



perplex puzzle
The most popular strategy game in the world.

Progress in mastering this complex game by playing games on your computer. This legendary game, which has survived the centuries, is today an integral part of human culture.
This online version of the chess game will develop your capacity for memorization and logic, your power of concentration as well as your persistence. You will quickly understand why this game inspires so much passion among the millions of players who play it.



perplex puzzle
A unique game that takes place in a mysterious atmosphere.

The game, based on physical laws, is centered on a tiny character called "Petit", in reference to the Little Prince of St. Exupéry.
The character is manipulated using the mouse in a very particular way: it is necessary to modify its environment lifting, for example, the ground to form a small hill which will make it roll in a certain direction .
Its unique concept as well as the beauty of the graphics and the music quickly put in the foreground this game which comes from the world of touch pads and which has won numerous awards around the world.



perplex puzzle
The classic of Solitaire games.

Klondike is the name of a river in Canada frequented by gold prospectors during the Gold Rush of the late 19th century.
The objective of this patience game is to place the cards of each of the four types on four piles called "The Foundation". The order is increasing: Ace of clubs, 2 of clubs, 3 of clubs ... 10 of clubs, Jack of clubs, Queen of clubs and finally King of clubs.
You have a reserve of cards in the form of a draw pile , which you can browse indefinitely.
The third area of the game is "the Table" where you have to arrange the cards alternating colors and starting with the King. For example King of Hearts (red) followed by Queen of Spades (black) ...



perplex puzzle
An original puzzle made up of rotating hexagonal pieces.

The player rotate the hexagonal pieces using the mouse so as to match his pattern to that of the neighboring cells.
The game is very different from puzzles with an image that rather requires a sense of observation. Curvy will mostly appeal to your mind of deduction.
The game is quite difficult to play, so you have to start with a small grid of one color just to practice.



perplex puzzle
Build a network of colored pipes.

You must connect dots of the same color scattered in a grid with pipes to allow the "flow" to flow.
The interest of the game resides in the fact that the pipes must never cross, which is far from obvious and will force the player to plan each route judiciously to find the solution.
The second rule is that all the boxes must be occupied .
The game is a clone of Flow Free, a best seller in the world of mobile phone games.


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