Cinema is an art, series is entertainment.

This statement has been less true in recent years when series with unexpected script and visual qualities have appeared. Unfortunately, most series only use skillful scripting techniques to keep you going through the episodes.
This guide to television series is therefore intended to help you choose the fiction that will bring you the most pleasure.


A Teacher S01-E01 Hulu November 10
American Housewife S05-E01 ABC Wed, October 28
American Housewife S05-E02 ABC Wed, November 4
Archer S11-E08 FX Networks Wed, October 28
Assisted Living S01-E14 BET Wed, October 28
Assisted Living S01-E15 BET Wed, November 4
B Positive S01-E01 CBS Thu, November 5
Black Clover S01-E149 sur Tue, October 27
Black Clover S01-E150 sur Tue, November 3
Black Clover S01-E151 sur November 10
Black-ish S07-E03 ABC Wed, October 28
Black-ish S07-E05 ABC Wed, November 4
Bless The Harts S02-E05 FOX Sun, November 1
Bless The Harts S02-E06 FOX Sun, November 8
Bob's Burgers S11-E05 FOX Sun, November 1
Bob's Burgers S11-E06 FOX Sun, November 8
Bruh S01-E22 BET+ Thu, October 29
Bruh S01-E23 BET+ Thu, November 5
City So Real S01-E01 National Geographic Channel Thu, October 29
Connecting... S01-E04 NBC Thu, October 29
Connecting... S01-E06 NBC Thu, November 5
Fargo S04-E07 FX Networks Sun, November 1
Fargo S04-E08 FX Networks Sun, November 8
Fear The Walking Dead S06-E04 AMC Sun, November 1
Fear The Walking Dead S06-E05 AMC Sun, November 8
Filthy Rich S01-E06 FOX Mon, November 2
Filthy Rich S01-E07 FOX Mon, November 9
Higurashi - When They Cry : GOU S01-E05 Tokyo MX Thu, October 29
Industry S01-E01 HBO Mon, November 9
Iwakakeru ! Sport Climbing Girls S01-E05 BBC Sat, October 31
La Valla S01-E08 Antena 3 Thu, October 29
La Valla S01-E09 Antena 3 Thu, November 5
Le Temps des Nababs S01-E04 Ciné + Classic Mon, November 2
Le Temps des Nababs S01-E05 Ciné + Classic Mon, November 9
The Goldberg S08-E03 ABC Wed, October 28
The Goldberg S08-E04 ABC Wed, November 4
The Griffin S19-E05 FOX Sun, November 1
The Griffin S19-E06 FOX Sun, November 8
The Simpson S32-E05 FOX Sun, November 1
The Simpson S32-E06 FOX Sun, November 8
L'Étoffe des héros S01-E05 Disney+ Fri, October 30
L'Étoffe des héros S01-E06 Disney+ Fri, November 6
Mom S08-E01 CBS Thu, November 5
Moonbase 8 S01-E01 Showtime Sun, November 8
NCIS : New-Orleans S07-E01 CBS Sun, November 8
NCIS: Los Angeles S12-E01 CBS Sun, November 8
neXt S01-E03 FOX Tue, October 27
Noblesse S01-E04 Tokyo MX Wed, October 28
Noblesse S01-E05 Tokyo MX Wed, November 4
Our Cartoon President S03-E17 Showtime Sun, November 1
Our Cartoon President S03-E18 Showtime Sun, November 8
Out Of Her Mind S01-E02 BBC Two Tue, October 27
Out Of Her Mind S01-E03 BBC Two Tue, November 3
Out Of Her Mind S01-E04 BBC Two November 10
Pandora S02-E05 CW Sun, November 1
Pandora S02-E06 CW Sun, November 8
Patria S01-E07 HBO Sun, November 1
Patria S01-E08 HBO Sun, November 8
Raven S04-E03 Disney Channel US Fri, November 6
Sistas S02-E04 BET Wed, October 28
Sistas S02-E05 BET Wed, November 4
Soulmates S01-E05 AMC Mon, November 2
Soulmates S01-E06 AMC Mon, November 9
Star Trek: Discovery S03-E03 CBS All Access Thu, October 29
Star Trek: Discovery S03-E04 CBS All Access Thu, November 5
Supernatural S15-E17 CW Thu, October 29
Supernatural S15-E18 CW Thu, November 5
Superstore S06-E01 NBC Thu, October 29
Superstore S06-E02 NBC Thu, November 5
Teheran S01-E08 Apple TV+ Fri, October 30
The Conners S03-E02 ABC Wed, October 28
The Conners S03-E03 ABC Wed, November 4
The Good Lord Bird S01-E05 Showtime Sun, November 1
The Good Lord Bird S01-E06 Showtime Sun, November 8
The Haves And The Have Nots S07-E20 OWN Tue, October 27
The Mandalorian S02-E01 Disney+ Fri, October 30
The Outpost S03-E04 CW Thu, October 29
The Outpost S03-E05 CW Thu, November 5
The Spanish Princess S02-E04 Starz Sun, November 1
The Spanish Princess S02-E05 Starz Sun, November 8
The Walking Dead: World Beyond S01-E05 AMC Sun, November 1
The Walking Dead: World Beyond S01-E06 AMC Sun, November 8
This Is Us S05-E01 NBC Tue, October 27
This Is Us S05-E03 NBC November 10
Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07-E14 Syndication Wed, October 28
Tyler Perry's House of Payne S07-E15 Syndication Wed, November 4
We Are Who We Are S01-E08 HBO Mon, November 2
Yashahime : Princess Half-Demon S01-E05 NTV Sat, October 31
Yashahime : Princess Half-Demon S01-E06 NTV Sat, November 7
Young Sheldon S04-E01 CBS Thu, November 5


Homeland since 2011 USA
A CIA agent is convinced, alone against everyone, that an American soldier recently released from Al Qaeda jail has turned against his country.
The bipolar agent is unpredictable and obsessive but her unconditional patriotism will lead her to spare neither her career, nor her life, nor even her body.
The series was a media event when it was released. Tension and suspense are permanent. The characters, endearing and complex, are interpreted with great mastery. Claire Danes plays her role with undeniable talent.
The series loses a bit of intensity from season 3 but remains at a high level.
Spy Completed - Showtime

The Walking Dead since 2010 USA
A viral pandemic causes the apocalyptic on earth by transforming the people affected into zombies.
Considered a social phenomenon by many media, the artistic quality of the series is unusual for a work dealing with zombies. Even if the subject of the Living Dead does not attract you, the series could quickly captivate you with its meticulous production and the reflection on the fragility of the human condition it offers.
The story revolves around the adventures of a group of survivors, focusing particularly on the psychological dimension of the characters, their way of evolving in the face of the collapse of the world.
Over the seasons the series becomes less exciting and a bit messy but it continues to have a lot of charm.
Horror - Survival autumn 2020 - AMC

Fear The Walking Dead since 2015 USA
The series is derived from The Walking Dead. It brings us to the beginning of the apocalypse, the moment when human civilization tips over into horror. In the original series, the main character is in a coma during this period and the viewer discovers at the same time as him an already devastated world.
Fear The Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles and leads us in the footsteps of a blended family of the American middle class. If The Walking Dead has captivated you, "Fear" should please you.
Horror - Survival unofficially August 2020 - AMC

Les 100 since 2014 USA
Earth is destroyed by atomic wars. In orbit around the earth, the last humans are trying to survive in space stations. 97 years later, short of resources and hope, they decide to send 100 young prisoners to scout on Earth. Their mission will be to determine if the living conditions on the planet allow to envisage the return of the 4000 survivors.

The first episodes give the impression of a "drama for teenager" with romances, selfish behavior and youthful conflicts. Faced with the cruelty of events and the trials that stand before them, the group will be forced to change their immature attitude and the story will then become darker and more bloody.
The particular context of the story allows the series to put its characters in new situations and to approach in an original way the many moral dilemmas that do not fail to arise when it comes to ensuring his own survival and that of his own.
The female characters are valued and have fighting skills, leadership, engineering ...
With a big budget, the series has become very popular around the world. The series will end after a final 7th season. There is talk of a prequel.
Survival Wed 20 May 2020 - The CW

The Capture 2020 UK
A young British soldier is accused of the murder of his beautiful lawyer. A sequence shot by a surveillance camera clearly accuses him, however he persists in denying the obvious and claims to be the victim of a plot.
A captivating English series, with a dense script and permanent suspense. In this country invaded by cameras supported by facial recognition algorithms, video evidence has become the most effective way to obtain a conviction.
Through this manhole full of mysteries, this fiction of only 6 episodes raises the question of the danger that the power of images represents for freedom and truth.
Spy Season 2 not confirmed - Starzplay

Home Before Dark 2020 USA
Introduced to journalistic investigations by her reporter father, a 9-year-old girl gets caught up in the game and sets out to resolve an old criminal case, which has the effect of embarrassing many people in the village, starting with her own father.
Very persevering, no one will be able to dissuade her from carrying out her investigation to the end.
We must not be troubled by the improbability of the situation, this is an allegorical story which highlights the lack of courage of adults who will force a child to fulfill their duty.
Despite its theme which concerns the world of children and its atmosphere reminiscent of certain Spielberg films, this series is not intended for the little ones, certain sequences being a bit shocking.
The production is fairly neat and the scenario presents many twists and turns. The actress who plays the role of apprentice journalist is very convincing, her acting and probably her physiognomy give her a curiously adult look.
Spy 1st semester 2021 - Apple TV +

The Affair & nbsp; & nbsp; - & nbsp; & nbsp; La liaison 2014 USA
A high-end series, a sophisticated scenario, crisp dialogues and psychological analyzes full of finesse.
The Affair is the story of an adulterous affair between a father with thwarted literary ambitions and a nurse who became a waitress following the death of her son whom she was unable to save.
Even if you are not a fan of this kind of romantic imbroglio, this fiction can conquer you by the humanity of its characters or the very special atmosphere of Long Island near New York where the intrigue (the region where Les Dents de la Mer was filmed).
The series uses a daring narrative process: each episode is divided into two parts each giving the point of view of a protagonist on the events of the same time period. The two versions of the same story intermingle and complement each other in a subtle way.
Drama Completed - Showtime

Riverdale 2017 USA
The series describes the adventures of a group of American teens who live in the small town of Riverdale. The story revolves around solving the murder of one of their high school classmate.
Most of the episodes, however, remain devoted to the usual vicissitudes of the lives of high school students.
The characters correspond to the classic stereotypes of "teen drama" but the fiction is quite original by its aesthetics and the atmosphere that emerges.
If the intrigue takes a few episodes to settle down and if the narration does not upset the genre, this nice series has still been very successful with young people, especially girls.
teen drama May 6, 2020 - Netflix

Impulse 2018 USA
A lonely 16-year-old girl discovers that she has teleportation power. This ability is revealed to her during intense stress which has the effect of causing her a spontaneous teleportation reflex.
Our heroine finds herself safe in her room and her attacker becomes paraplegic under the effects of the violence of the phenomenon.
A thrilling and very successful series, quite divisive, people love it or hate it. Produced to launch YouTube Premium (paid version of YT), the fiction has a substantial budget, its atmosphere is rather dark and its intrigue is quite deep.
Fantastic Completed - YouTube

Batwoman 2019 USA
Batman is gone, Gotham City is desperately looking for a protector. His cousin Kate Kane decides, a little reluctantly, to take on the role of Batwoman.
The most uncompromising fanatics of the Batman universe will surely curse the female version of their favorite hero, the others will spend pleasant moments by adopting this series without artistic pretension but simply entertaining.
Despite the mainstream destination of this production, the plot is quite dark and will be the source of many dilemmas for our heroine.
The antagonistic character is particularly interesting and engaging: Alice is a ruthless and uninhibited gang leader with theatrical attitudes who will remind many of Negan's personality.
Fiction is fairly heavily politically correct but it is the case with many current fictions.
Science fiction The CW

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