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A selection of the best games on the Internet.

EquinoxGames has put together for you the most popular, most entertaining and successful games available for free on the Net.
To save you the search for the rare bird among the multitude of games devoid of interest which abounds in Internet, only the games answering very precise criteria were retained.
The ideal game is one that will suit a profile of casual player who seek above all to have fun and relax for a few moments. All our games thus offer a rapidly understandable concept for immediate playful pleasure.



I will rejuvenate your home.

If Antoine de Maximy's unusual adventures around the globe have fascinated you, don't miss his series of videos filmed during the Containment.
Antoine recounts his tumultuous life there before his emblematic program "J'irai rire chez vous", his beginnings as a sound engineer and his efforts to establish himself in the world of documentaries.
16 episodes of fifteen minutes full of crisp and fun anecdotes.


The 7th season of the THE 100 series.

The last and final season of the post-apocalyptic television series starts on Wednesday 20 main 2020 on the CW channel.
The trailer announcing the 7th season of the most popular science fiction series of recent years has just appeared on YouTube.
Only a few days left before finding the adventures of your favorite characters Raven, Murphy and Clarke. The last images from the previous season showed us Bellamy collapsed after seeing Octavia literally vanishing before his eyes.



Clipedia offers educational videos in the fields of physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics and biology.
The particularity of the courses given is their pedagogical efficiency obtained using minutely elaborated activities. The professor's precise and repeated explanations gradually lead you to understand the phenomenon studied.
The many Clipedia videos are also available on the project website, in a more convenient way than through the YouTube interface.


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